Our Aims

To provide positive opportunities, activities and experiences for young people in a safe warm environment


Supportive Relationships - Young people need supportive relationships with people they trust to help them develop their values and judgements, learn from experience, take responsibility, and manage pressures.  We provide early help to inspire, support and protect young people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, who need more help than their families and communities are able to provide, or whose family situation puts them at risk. 


Strong Ambitions – Young people have energy and enthusiasm to shape and change the world in innovative and exciting ways.  Most young people will form their own ambitions and pragmatic goals to achieve the following, whilst some will require extra help to do so:-

        Succeed in learning and work – understanding the value of education and committed to developing their skills for employment

        Live safe and healthy lives – having the confidence and resilience to make informed decisions and manage risk; and

        Be active in society – taking the initiative and demonstrating leadership to make a positive contribution to local communities and the wider world, with public and media recognition of their achievements


Good Opportunities – Young people need opportunities to learn and develop.  Local partners will work together so that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential and make sure those that require extra help to do so, receive it, through:-


        Education – through excellent teaching, high standards, and training and courses respected by universities and employers

        Personal and social development – through opportunities for personal challenge and responsibility – including work experience, and relationships with adults they trust that help them to develop the character, qualities and capabilities that they need to learn, build relationships, make informed choices, and become employable; and

        Voice in society – through opportunities to express their views and influence public decision-making.